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Use the "Buy now" button on this page and fill in your address before submitting your payment. You can pay using PayPal as well as all major credit cards. 

2. Review your design proof

Send us your text or logo and we'll prepare a design proof. If you like it, we'll start the production of the stamp — if not, we'll make one free modification or refund your purchase.

3. Check your mailbox

You'll receive your custom cookie stamp usually within 21 days from your original purchase. You can use it out of the box with any cookie recipe that doesn't require baking powder.

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Durable and easy to use

Our cookie molds are made out of food grade durable plastic.

The side grip make the stamp very easy to use.

No handle means easy shipping, easy cleaning and easy storing.


Made with care

We are designers and cookie lovers.

Our stamps are produced with exceptional care and attention.

They will fulfill the needs of professional bakeries and serious hobby bakers alike.

Stamps we have made

"Great customer service!"

Matt H. - Dallas, TX

"It was a birthday gift for my Mum and she was over the moon with it!"

Kate S. - UK

"I look forward to ordering more for our marketing!!!"

Pamela - Orlando, FL

"We’ve looked at the proof and love it!"

Louise W. - Australia

"Love the design."

Dottie J. - Kerrville, TX

"Amazing turnaround."

Don R. - Mount Wolf, PA

Frequently asked questions

How big is it?

The size of the stamp is 3" x 3" x 0.75" (8 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm). However the maximum size for your logo is 2.75" x 2.75" (7 cm x 7 cm). We don't offer other sizes at the moment.

What is it made of?

It's made out of food grade hard plastic. It's the same kind of material that some plastic cutting boards are made of.

Where is it produced?

All our molds are manufactured in Berlin, Germany.

How can I clean it?

We recommend to clean your stamp with dish soap, water and a brush.

How long does it take?

You'll usually receive your stamp within 21 days of your initial purchase date. However we can't guarantee the delivery date. At this time, we don't offer expedited shipping.

Will it work with my logo?

Very probably. Simpler logos make for a better imprint on the cookie. If your logo has very thin elements, we'll try to simplify it to get the best result possible.

Do you have recipes?

You can have a look at the recipes we recommend here. Most cookie recipes – such as sugar cookies or ginger bread – will work with the stamp as long as they don't require baking powder.

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

A few days after your purchase, you'll receive a digital design proof to review before production. If you don't like it, you can request a modification or ask for your money back. However, due to the custom made nature of the stamp, once it has been produced, we cannot offer a refund – except for the case of a defective item.

What shape do you offer?

We currently only offer the stamps in a round shape. However, it's possible to engrave any shape on it. You will simply need to use a cookie cutter of the desired shape once you've imprinted the dough… To make square cookies for instance.

What's the best format for my logo?

You will have the best result with a vectorized logo file (Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file). Otherwise, send us any high resolution image file — in black and white if possible.

How to use your cookie stamp

  1. Before using your stamp for the first time, rub flour into the design and lightly tap the stamp on the work surface to release any excess flour.
  2. Roll your chilled dough into cookie balls then press the stamp into the dough.

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Custom cookie stamp

Our cookie stamps are made with extreme care to accomodate every specific need. You'll receive a digital design proof to review your stamp before the production.

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"I LOVE our stamp."

Amy K. - Wolfeboro, NH

"They look absolutely amazing! Can't wait to give one away to my friend on her birthday."

Mia S. - Sweden

"It looks fantastic!"

Amanda F. - Montgomery, AL

"I thank you greatly for your wonderful, prompt and caring service!"

Jan W. - NZ

"We just made up a batch of cookies for the company Christmas party, and they look great!"

Danielle B. - Canada

"I absolutely love the workmanship!!"

Rosalinda - San Diego, CA
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